Top Tech Startup Roles

Top Tech Startup Roles

If you plan to join a new tech company this year, you probably want to know a little more about the most popular startup jobs. There are specific roles tech companies need to fill during the early stages, and this article should help show you some of the most crucial. 

Finding a decent career in today’s climate is always going to be challenging. Many people have lost their income recently, so there are more job seekers out there than ever before. However, choosing a perfect role should help make the process a little easier than it otherwise would have been. 

Regardless of the nature of the tech company you join, the same roles should be required across the board. If you want to make sure your career thrives and goes from strength to strength during the first twelve months, it’s sensible to pay attention. 


Web Designer 

All tech companies are going to need a web design team during the startup stage. The firm’s website is often where they will create a first impression with customers and clients, and so it needs to look fantastic and remain as functional as possible. 

If you have qualifications in web design and coding, there are sure to be lots of tech companies out there just waiting to hear from you. The best strategy is always to use an online job board where CEOs place advertisements for different roles. However, some people make the right connections by undertaking small jobs on freelancing platforms and networking. 

Web designers can expect to earn a mid-range wage, and it’s a pretty comfortable job if you enjoy that sort of thing. There is also lots of room for career development if you have the right skills and talents. You just need to impress the boss and always go above and beyond what’s expected of you. 

If you like the idea of becoming a web designer, but you don’t have the qualifications, there are plenty of online or distance learning courses you can take. 


Marketing Executive

It’s no use having the best products or services in the world if potential customers don’t know the brand exists. With that in mind, all tech startups will require a marketing team or a single marketing executive. 

You’ll need a background in marketing and promotion to secure the best roles with established firms, but there are plenty of small startups that are going to be less strict. Maybe you’ve just come out of college with a degree in philosophy or a related subject? Perhaps you’ve run popular Facebook pages for years and you understand how to make something go viral? Either way, tech startups might want to hear from you. 

Again, people who work in marketing tend to earn a reasonable wage, and there is lots of potential for career development. 



Tech startups have to employ the services of accountants during the early stages of their operations. However, some firms choose to save money by employing a professional in-house right from the beginning. 

If you have accounting and bookkeeping qualifications, working for a tech startup could be an excellent way to launch your career. You can get in on the ground floor of an operation that is going to become ever more complex with time. 

During the early stages, there is a chance you will only have to deal with basic accounting, but things could become far more challenging as the company grows and the accounting team expands. 

If you’re the type of person who loves a challenge, and you have the right qualifications, working for a tech startup could be the best thing you ever do. 


Sales Executive 

All new companies in the tech industry will need to employ the services of sales executives. They are the people responsible for getting customers and clients to part with their hard-earned cash. 

Sales executives need an excellent telephone manner as they will have to communicate with people all over the world on a daily basis. There is also a chance you would spend a lot of time out in the field meeting with potential customers and clients or exhibiting the brand’s products or services. 

You’ll need a decent CV to get a job as a sales executive with a tech company just starting out, and so it’s always worth checking out some resume tips if you want to apply for a suitable role. Startup companies need the best sales executives possible because it is crucial they start generating hasty profits. 


Customer Service Representative 

Working in customer service is a fantastic choice for anyone with the right attitude who wants to join a tech startup. 

If you have a friendly voice, lots of confidence, and a calm demeanor; this could be the perfect role for you. In most instances, customer service representatives spend their day answering phone calls and emails. They might also hold video chats with customers and clients all over the world. 

The role requires you to be a competent problem-solver, and you need to know how to keep your cool when under lots of pressure. 

If you’ve worked in customer service roles before, using the skills you have to earn money within a tech startup could be the best choice you make this year. Not only will you get in early, but you could see lots of career development if you’re one of the first people employed on the customer service team. 

Now you know about some of the top tech startup roles, you should find yourself in the perfect position to know which ones are the most suitable for you. Depending on your skills, experience, and talents, there should be at least something mentioned on this page that appeals. 

So, no matter whether you plan to launch a new tech company or join a brand that’s just getting itself off the ground, you should now have a better understanding of the essential roles and realities of working within them. All you need to worry about now is finding some excellent resume tips so your application can stand out from the rest. 


Good luck with everything!

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