3 Ways GlassSquid Can Improve Your Career Search

3 Efficient Ways to Use Glass Squid to Improve Career Search

3 Ways GlassSquid Can Improve Your Career Search

GlassSquid is a tool built to help improve your career search when looking for cybersecurity and IT jobs. It focuses on reducing the job search time and making a more effective path for users to follow. This means you can quickly scan jobs by highlighting education, certifications, skills and more. Still, there are more ways to use these powerful job searching tools to improve your career search. 

Goal Setting – Career Advancement 

Let’s say you’re an Analyst and you want to know what it takes to transition into a more senior role like Sr. Information Security Engineer. GlassSquid can help you set goals to improve your career search and map future goals. First you would research to find all the roles you’d like to move up to in the future. 

Search Sr. Information Security Engineer jobs, find the specific one that you’d like to be in. Next, highlight the education and certifications required. 

This is where you can take note of the important requirements that are needed to transition into this role. You can now make a plan to take these courses or certifications. 

career plan with glasssquid









Job Personalization – Find the Right Fit for You

GlassSquid uses an AI driven match score to better tailor your results. Did you know that the more you use the tool, the better it gets at providing recommendations and feedback? 

This feedback is what can help you land your next dream role that fits your current skill sets. Simply search for a job and scroll until you see something with an 80% match score or better. Remember that these jobs are tailored to whatever you put on your resume and so you’ll want to make sure that is the most up to date version. 

You can also update your profile with pertinent information as you gain more certifications to help improve your career search. 


















Job Location Targeting – Find Jobs Near Your Current or Next Location

You have the capability to find jobs near you within a specified radius. This can help you get an idea of the jobs available in your area. It can also be valuable if you’re looking to relocate. Just type in a location and leave the job title field blank and hit search. You’ll see a list of all the IT and Cybersecurity gigs available in that area. 











GlassSquid is always evolving and as such we’re very open and would love to hear your feedback. Contact us here.

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