Cut Through The Noise & Tune Into The Signal

Cut the Notice and Tune into the Signal

Cut Through The Noise & Tune Into The Signal

Cut Through The Noise & Tune Into The Signal

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Those of you looking for work in the cybersecurity space will know how deeply frustrating and ridiculous the job search process can feel sometimes, when you are not being ghosted by potential employers or deciphering job descriptions, you have to click through the endless clutter to find the jobs that you think are interesting and relevant.

You have to brave the keyword filters and play the career keyword SEO game in order not to automatically be excluded from the applicant pool by keyword filters and then, when you eventually do manage to talk to the actual recruiter, they have no idea what you are talking about and do not understand the job you are trying to enquire about.

All of this is before you even get a chance to talk to the actual hiring manager at the prospective employer, the one person in this process who probably does understand the job and what you are saying. But getting to this point is tough, it is hard to get through resume submission, through a resume keyword analysis, through a vetting interview with the recruiter who decides if your resume is put forward to the employer.

It is even harder to understand how effective your efforts are when you get no feedback, how successful your applications have been and what was wrong with your resume if you failed to be selected. It should not be this problematic a process, but it is.

This is why we started, we recognized a very real problem in infosec and cybersecurity recruitment, a problem which was frustrating the job seekers, employers, as well as the recruiters caught in the middle trying to make sense of everything.

We want to help job seekers cut through the noise and tune into the signal, we want to help them increase their chances of passing through this stressful process and save them time by showing them jobs relevant to their skills, experience and circumstances.

Imagine a world where job post clutter is distilled into a pool of jobs that would actually interest you and ranked based on their suitability in the context of your professional career. Imagine a world where you knew which keywords you needed to add to your resume in order for it to successfully pass through keyword analysis and where you had complete transparency into the hiring process, from submission to interview.

This is the world is building, one focused on the job seeker and their unique needs, one where job seekers can quickly discover relevant opportunities instead of having to mine through the endless clutter in order to find them.

At we leverage machine learning and natural language processing (artificial intelligence) to pull out the key context, and relevant keywords from job descriptions, scoring jobs on a percentage basis on their relevance. Our platform drills down into why you want a job (money, location, position, domain, or company), it also drills down into each domain and the different roles within each niche, helping candidates quickly understand job descriptions to find the right jobs. The platform leverages context and semantic analysis to properly understand how the job is relevant to you as a candidate rather than just display jobs based on simple keyword analysis.

All of this means that you only see the jobs which are most relevant to you and quickly see what the job description with key context and keywords highlighted, it makes skimming job descriptions infinitely less frustrating and a lot less work.

The platform quickly lets you analyze jobs on third party websites and suggests keyword content that you need to add to your resume before you apply for the job, increasing your chances of passing through and gaming the keyword analysis driven approach to candidate selection taken by many recruiters and HR departments.

In short, tilts the odds in your favor and helps you cut through the noise to find the signal. The signal is different for everyone and by leveraging the power of natural language processing that we can understand context and relevance when it comes to finding your signal in amongst the noise. We have trained our platform with hundreds of thousands of different jobs and developed machine learning algorithms to extract the contextual and semantic analysis in order to properly understand how jobs relate to you as a candidate and your individual skill sets, experience and certifications.

Unlike job sites which display jobs pulled from a simple keyword analysis, recommends relevant jobs and helps you to increase your chances when applying for them. From an employer perspective we dramatically increase the submission to interview ratio when hiring infosec personnel, meaning that the candidate resumes they see are specific to the job role and relevant in terms of experience and qualifications.

Cut through the noise and find the signal with

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