Top Weekly News In Cyber Security

Top Weekly News In Cyber Security


Microsoft dismisses new Windows RDP ‘bug’ as a feature

Researchers have found an unexpected behavior in a Windows feature designed to protect remote sessions that could allow attackers to take control of them.

The issue, discovered by Joe Tammariello at the CERT Coordination Center (CERT) at Carnegie Mellon’s Software Engineering Institute, is documented as CVE-2019-9510. It stems from Network Level Authentication (NLA), which is a feature that you can use to protect Windows installations that have the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) enabled. NLA stops anyone from remotely logging into the Windows computer by requiring them to authenticate first.


#Infosec19: “We Can Build Safe 5G Networks Irrespective of Supplier” – NCSC

Governments and industry need to “focus on fixes, not fear,” and work out how to build safer 5G networks rather than obsessing about national security concerns leveled at suppliers, according to the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC).


Malboard: Hackers can now pose as victims through their keyboards

Our keystrokes can verify who we are but researchers show behavioral verification systems can be easily fooled.

A new form of cyberattack has been developed by researchers which is able to mimic a user’s identity through their keystrokes.

The continual evolution of cyberattacks and their increasing sophistication has led to a situation where signature-based antivirus products are no longer enough.



Cybersecurity Wants You: Why Veterans Are a Great Fit for the Industry

Almost everyone can agree that military service provides veterans with a variety of different skills applicable to positions across many different industries. According to the Department of Defense, nearly 200,000 enlisted soldiers and officers alike transition from military to civilian life each year. As these men and women begin to adjust to civilian life and search for a new occupation, there is one particular industry that they should keep in mind: cybersecurity.


With new infusion of capital, cybersecurity firm in Eugene plans to double local workforce

A cybersecurity company with a year-old office in Eugene has secured a new round of venture capital, enabling it to double its local workforce over the next year, an executive said Wednesday.

SentinelOne, based in Mountain View, California, announced it has secured $120 million from Insight Partners, a private equity firm, and other investors.


There’s a diversity problem in the tech industry and it’s not getting any better

In the past several years, the tech industry seems to have tried to put more effort into promoting and increasing diversity. But are those initiatives actually working? In many aspects, it seems that the answer is no; things aren’t actually getting any better.




Cybersecurity Institute awarded more than $2.4 million in grants

 The Upper Peninsula Cybersecurity Consortium has received $2.47 million in grants through the State of Michigan’s Marshall Plan for Talent.

The consortium is a collaboration between Northern Michigan University, industry and education partners to help develop talent for high-wage, high-demand cybersecurity careers.


5 cool coding schools and boot camps that are diversifying tech

As technology becomes more integral to every industry, coding skills have become an extremely valuable asset to job seekers across the board. However, according to one survey, many K-12 programs and universities are not preparing those core skills that employers are currently seeking. In an effort to bridge the gap and build a more diverse workforce, innovative coding programs are providing crucial education to populations that are often underrepresented in the tech field.


Walmart is going after high school students in war for talent

Walmart has a new target for talent in a tight labor market: high school students.

The nation’s largest private employer, with a U.S. workforce of 1.5 million, announced plans Tuesday to expand a college-education perk to high schoolers, hoping to get them off to universities to continue their education, and relieve them of staggering loan debt.

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