Top Skills to Have for a Role in Cloud Security

Top Skills to Have for a Role in Cloud Security


Cloud security is the defense and protection of data that’s stored online. The prevention of theft to leaks and deletion. It involves working on cloud application designs, cloud approval plans, and systems required in order to manage cloud storage. Action plans may include utilizing firewalls, tokenization, obfuscation, and VPN’s (virtual private networks).

Potential Roles: Analyst, Architect, Consultant, Engineer, Services Developer, Software Engineer, System Administrator, Systems Engineer, Network Engineer, Product Manager.


  • Logical Processing

  • Serverless Architecture

  • Data Center Management

  • Cloud Migration & Multi-Cloud Deployment

  • Automation & DevOps

  • Machine Learning & AI

Programming Languages:

Python, Perl, XML, R Math, Clojure Math, Haskell Functional, Erlang Functional, JavaScript, Java and PHP.

Cloud Technologies & Platforms:

Amazon Web Services, IBM Cloud, Rackspace, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, etc.


SQL, MySQL, Hadoop, Mongo DB, Oracle, etc.

Operating System:



  • Problem Solving

  • Data Analytics

  • Perpetual Learner

  • Social Media Literacy

  • Creativity

  • Good Listener

  • Resiliency

  • Business Management

  • Skepticism

  • Negotiator

  • Helpfulness

  • Intellectual Curiosity


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